Resume Writing

Stand out with a professional resume

No matter where you are from, age, gender, experience or knowledge, you are professionally judged by your resume.

As your first line of contact to your potential employer, they employ professionals to paint a mental image of you and your character without ever meeting you.

At Cadet Programs, we treat resumes as a direct representative of the person. We do this by painting the mental image for the professionals through your resume’s representation of yourself.

Get your new resume in 3 easy steps!

Once payment is complete, we contact you for your current resume. If you do not have one, we will provide a questionnaire.

We go through your resume and questionnaire and come up with a format that best suits you. We fine tune your resume by asking detailed questions about relevant items.

We send you a draft resume for approval or changes. Once approved, we send you the complete editable document for future updates.

Stand out from the herd of applicants!

Let us get you in the running for that dream job. No matter your experience level, we can tailor your resume to command a second look from your potential future employer.