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I am very pleased to introduce you to a new cadet program in the community. With major airlines’ cadet programs slowing down, this one is definitely something to seriously consider. We do have an official representative from Free Spirit Airlines here in the forum so feel free to ask any questions or head over to for more info.

Here are some quick facts about the new cadet program…

About the program

In order to satisfy Free Spirit Airlines technical crew requirements, the company has actioned a Pilot Cadetship Scheme.

The Free Spirit Airlines Pilot Cadetship Scheme entails recruitment of suitably qualified candidates with no flying experience and providing pilot training to these candidates under a contractual agreement with an accredited flying training organisation.

Upon the candidate successfully obtaining a Commercial Aeroplane Pilot Licence, Command Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and completion of Airline Transport Licence theory subjects, Free Spirit Airlines will progress the candidate to Turbine Aircraft Endorsement and Line Training.

Upon successful completion of training, the candidate will receive an offer of employment as a turbine aircraft First Officer with Free Spirit Airlines, conducting Regular Public Transport flying operations to ports serviced by the company.

Applicant Criteria

In order to be eligible to participate in the Selection Process, applicants
must possess the following:

Year 12 High School (or equivalent), with passes in: English, Maths and at least one additional academic subject.

Preferably possess nil flying experience. If applicant has some prior flying experience, he/she must not have attained Restricted Private Pilot Licence or passed G. F. P.T. or equivalent.
Must be an Australian or New Zealand Citizen or Permanent Australian Resident, holding unrestricted legal rights to live, study and work in Australia.
Can hold Class 1 CASA Aviation Medical Certificate with No Restrictions. (Corrective eye lenses permitted).

For more information or to apply, visit

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