Cobham Cadet Program

Cobham Aviation Services provides surveillance services for border force and has a cadet program for suitable applicants. Successful applicants will be trained and awarded a First Officer position on their highly modified Dash-8 aircraft. The program is 53 weeks and training is provided by Flight Training Adelaide

The program is designed in four phases being:

  • Phase 1 : CASA CPL ground theory and examinations and CASA commercial pilot licence CPL(A).
  • Phase 2 : Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating (MECIR).
  • Phase 3 : CASA ATP(A) ground theory and examinations.
  • Phase 4 : Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (URPT) programs.

Integrated ground theory and flying delivered over seven modules of training. On completion of the course, cadets achieve the following national accredited qualifications:

  • AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane)
  • AVI50415 Diploma in Aviation (Instrument Rating)
  • AVI60216 Advanced Diploma of Aviation (Pilot in Command)

Dear applicants

Thank you for taking the time to consider applying for the Cobham Cadet Pilot Program. Cobham is a leading provider of contract aviation services in Australia. Headquartered in Adelaide, we have operations spanning all States and Territories across Australia. We provide a range of services for government, defence and commercial customers.

Our cadet program is focused on bringing the best and brightest into the Special Mission arm of our operations. Special Mission conducts aerial border surveillance and search-and-rescue operations spanning the country’s exclusive economic zone and search-and-rescue region under contract with the Australian Government. Our fleet consists of 10 highly modified Dash 8 aircraft and four highly modified Bombardier Challenger CL-604 jets.

Cobham is committed to providing career opportunities within the Australian aviation sector. The Cobham Cadet Pilot Program will provide this opportunity for aspiring pilots with little or no prior flying experience. In partnership with Flight Training Adelaide, this program offers a complete and dedicated residential training program to a world-class standard. The 53 week program comprises all of the necessary and desirable elements to prepare candidates for the role of First Officer on the Dash 8 aircraft.

In this important role, you will experience real hands-on aircraft operations in a close-knit team environment. Ultimately, you will be contributing to Australia’s national security, border and environmental protection. I am sure this role will provide both tremendous job satisfaction and an opportunity to grow in your aviation career.

For more information and to apply, please read on below.

Mr Russell Dyer, Vice President of Special Mission, Cobham Aviation Services Australia

Jetstar Cadet Program open

Jetstar’s cadet program is accepting applications until September 30th. This is for the March 2020 intake.

Visit Jetstar’s website for more details:

Apply at CAE’s website:

Qantas “Academy” set to start in a few months

Qantas Academy (basically a cadet program) is set to open mid-2019 with applications to start being accepted soon. 18 months of classroom work, simulator and other training will get you ready to either fly a Q400 for Qlink, mainline Qantas jets (second officer) or fly for Jetstar.

My best bet would be that you will probably be employed with Qlink.

Who’s applying?!

Qantas Pilot Academy

Well, it’s finally here…

Whether it’s flying a Dash 8 across to Longreach or landing a Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Los Angeles, our pilots say they have the best office in the world.

We train our pilots to the highest standards and we can draw on almost 100 years of aviation experience. We want to help shape the next generation of pilots and that’s why we’re establishing the Qantas Group Pilot Academy. It will open its doors in 2019 with an initial intake of 100 pilots.  Once it’s fully established we expect to train up to 500 pilots a year.

We expect the typical entrants to be high school or university graduates with a strong academic performance. After 18 months of classroom, simulator and real world flight training you’ll graduate. The training could lead to employment with one of the Qantas Group airlines, including Jetstar.

You can register your interest here:

Jetstar Cadet Program open

So we have been receiving messages about Jetstar’s Cadet Program lately. There’s nothing really new here except that they have finally added it to their website on a dedicated page.

Really not too much in addition to what we have on the Jestar Cadet Program page except the pricing now seems higher!

The deadline for this wave is September 15th!

Virgin Australia internal applications open today

Hi everyone!

Today, 18th April, Virgin Australia is accepting applications for their Cadet Program. This means that current employees of the company can apply for the program a week before it is open to the general public.

Good luck to those that can apply ahead of the mass applications.