No applications for the remainder of 2020 for Lufthansa group

If you had plans on applying for a cadet program withing the Lufthansa group, you might as well put it off until 2021. The European Flight Academy responsible for training Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, SWISS, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings, has announce that due to COVID-19 they will suspend all intakes.

For those already enrolled, a tentative restart date is around the end of August 2020, but this may change depending on the situation.

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European Flight Academy

Lufthansa Group of Airlines has started an academy for Cadet Pilots to train and fly in any one of the group’s five airlines. After the two year program, you may be selected to fly for Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss, Eurowings or Brussels Airlines.

There are two pathways… One allows you to fly for any of the airlines within the group and the other only for Lufthansa and Eurowings. They are 80,000 euro and 60,000 euro respectively.

Read more about the academy here:

Lufthansa Cadet Pilot Program

Lufthansa Airlines is both Germany’s flagship airline and airline of choice for anyone wanting to travel to Germany from it’s over 220 destinations worldwide. They operate over 340 airplanes (700 incl. subsidiaries) making them the second largest fleet in the world.

Lufthansa’s Cadet Pilot Scheme is another clear cut one like the much anticipated Virgin Australia Cadet Pilot Program in the sense that you are able to assess what you are signing up for before you take the first step.

Lufthansa’s program is a two year course given in Bremen, Germany, and in Phoenix, Arizona. Their training is carried out in both German and English, which are required for successful completion. Lufthansa covers the cost of your training and if you are offered a position with them after training, your repayment will be 60,000 euros which is taken out of your pay at roughly 300 euros per month.

Lufthansa’s specific requirements are:

  • General or specialized university entrance qualification (advanced technical college qualification is not sufficient)
  • National of an EU country and/or unlimited residence permit for Germany, holder of a passport without restrictions
  • Fluent German and English language skills
  • Sense of responsibility, discipline, dependability, and team compatibility
  • Good physical constitution
  • No record in the Central Register of Traffic Offenders pertaining to alcohol or drug consumption and/or amounting to more than 5 points
  • Vision: +/- 3.5 diopter
  • Height between 1.65 and 1.98 meters
  • Age: when training begins between 18 and 29

Online applications are accepted year-round and classes start once a month. Apply anytime at

Good Luck!