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After launching this website in 2011, it soon became a sensation in the world of young people wanting to get into the airline industry through one of the many cadet programs that exist. The site was originally launched as a forum and served as a community until it was... Read more
The future of cadet programs
When this website was started back in 2011, the climate of airline cadet programs was at it’s highest levels with new and exciting programs opening up with world renowned airlines. Airlines even accepted applicant from foreign countries and no type of aviation experience or even passion. It was reported... Read more
Jetstar Cadet Program open
So we have been receiving messages about Jetstar’s Cadet Program lately. There’s nothing really new here except that they have finally added it to their website on a dedicated page. Really not too much in addition to what we have on the Jestar Cadet Program page except the... Read more
Cathay Pacific suspends cadet program?
Those international applicants hoping to get into Cathay Pacific will have to start seeking another program elsewhere. Currently the airline offers three programs for entry. The ab initio program has seamlessly transitioned into a resident only program and now the Advanced Entry has stopped. We are not certain of... Read more
Virgin Australia cadet applications
Wake up everyone! It’s time to apply for Virgin Australia’s cadet pilot program! We have waited almost 3 years for this program to reopen and here it is. Make sure you submit an application to be part of the race! Read more
Virgin Australia internal applications open today
Hi everyone! Today, 18th April, Virgin Australia is accepting applications for their Cadet Program. This means that current employees of the company can apply for the program a week before it is open to the general public. Good luck to those that can apply ahead of the mass applications. Read more
jetBlue Cadet Program
For those of you in the U.S, or those that are legally able to work and live in the U.S, jetBlue has introduced a cadet program known as Gateway Select. The program gets you from the beginning and takes you all the way to a first officer on their... Read more
Singapore Airlines Cadet Program – Open to all nationalities!
It has come to our attention that Singapore Airlines has recently opened their cadet program to ALL nationalities! The program is FULLY SPONSORED. Up until recent, this program was only open to Singapore nationals but that has changed. This is attributed to the growth of air travel in Asia.... Read more
Seems like Jetstar tried to slip us a quick one by announcing the return of the program with not much of a warning. Have a look here – Read more
Cathay Pacific cadet program on hold?
It seems that Cathay Pacific silently put their cadet program on hold until at least the middle of 2017. This only affects advanced entry and transitional candidates. This is apparently the result of the ongoing training ban. Cathay Pacific has also recently advertised direct entry first officer positions. The... Read more