Cathay Pacific removes ATPL theory requirements
For anyone that was considering Cathay Pacific’s “Advanced Cadet Program” but was limited by not having the required ICAO ATPL theory credits, that barrier has been broken and you can now apply and be accepted without it! Get in there! Learn more: Apply: Here are the new... Read more
Cathay Pacific suspends cadet program?
Those international applicants hoping to get into Cathay Pacific will have to start seeking another program elsewhere. Currently the airline offers three programs for entry. The ab initio program has seamlessly transitioned into a resident only program and now the Advanced Entry has stopped. We are not certain of... Read more
Cathay Pacific cadet program on hold?
It seems that Cathay Pacific silently put their cadet program on hold until at least the middle of 2017. This only affects advanced entry and transitional candidates. This is apparently the result of the ongoing training ban. Cathay Pacific has also recently advertised direct entry first officer positions. The... Read more
Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilot Program